Zoals al in een eerder artikel van mijn hand, Van 8 naar 7 (venus) Golden Age. Ging het systeem van 8 naar 7 spaken of Rays door toedoen van Venus.

SEVEN=22 numerieke waarde. 22:7=3,14 PI


Marty Leeds: One of the most prominent ratios in mathematics is the ratio of Pi, or 3.14… Pi is considered an irrational, infinite and transcendental number which basically means that it is said to have no order and that its decimals unfold infinitely. To date, computers have calculated over 10 trillion digits of Pi and this behemoth just keeps on going. Many cultures throughout time understood the sacred nature of mathematics and geometry and understood that nothing existed without number and geometry as its foundation. From the sacred astronomical mounds of numerous Native American tribes, to the monolithic stones of ancient Avebury, mathematics and geometry rang its bell in the hearts and minds of the ancients. To the mystic, existence was created using the symbolic and cosmological archetypal principles of number. If the trinity of God saying “Let there be light” and the Hindu vibratory threefold essence of AUM is to have a mathematical equivalent – a ratio or number that represents the creation of our entire universe – than our best candidate is assuredly that elusive mathematical beast of 3.141. Pi.

Mathematics is the language that God wrote the universe in.” – Galileo Galilei



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